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Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys rivalry

The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys have a deep sense of hatred towards each other. You have to be a fan of either team to truly understand why these two teams hate each other.

Both teams have had countless battles and games that heightened the rivalry even more. There is one more game that these two teams will meet each other and it will be in Philadelphia. It should be an interesting matchup.

The Buffalo Bills and Cowboys are facing off today. It will be a big game because it will have heavy ramifications in the NFC East. If the Cowboys lose they will have six losses which will tie them with the Eagles.

All Eagles fans will be enjoying their Thanksgiving and praying for the Cowboys to lose. The Eagles have an easy schedule the rest of the way so every win the Cowboys can get will be big for them.

As an Eagles fan, I know that our schedule means nothing if we are not healthy. Alshon Jeffery will give Carson Wentz a target on the outside that they desperately need. Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz are a great tight end tandem. Nelson Agholor will have to be able to make catches that they need.

We will have to win out to be able to make the playoffs but I have faith that we will be able to do that. The Eagles still have the core group of players from their Super Bowl win two years ago. They should be able to rally the troops and win out to make the playoffs.

As we close out the NFL season the Eagles and Cowboys are locked in another battle for the divisional title. Whichever team doesn't win the division will not make the playoffs most likely. The hatred will take a new level after this season.

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