Pee Pee in the Potty.....NOT

So this has been a VERY rough week for me. The kids went back to school last week so I have to readjust my schedule, mentally and physically. My 2 youngest aren’t in school yet but I’m researching where I want them to go in the meantime. With all that going on, my 2 middle kids decide to fumigate my house and van with very unpleasant odors.


For those that don’t know, Lexy was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. She went to behaviorial therapy for 2 years but hasn’t been able to go yet for unforseen reasons. Anyway, part of her issue is peeing the bed and this week she did more than that. She has the tendency to sleep very hard and fall asleep at the drop of a dime, almost like a narcoleptic. With that being said, she fell asleep on the couch on night and had an accident… 4am and I was cleaning the cushion with a concoction that my friend googled for me. Wasn’t happy. AT ALL. Then she fell asleep in my van, which she does every night when I pick her and her sisters up from their dads, and she did it again. The only reason I knew this happened was because she was freaking out when I told her to change into her pajamas once we got home. She knew I would be mad because not only was her school clothes wet, so was my van seat, which is also cloth . OMG, talk about somebody wanting to inflict bodily harm on somebody, but I know she can’t help it. It’s part of her mental condition from what her therapist says. She can outgrow it and I can’t wait either. She has her good weeks where she’s perfectly dry and then she has times like these but this was the worst. I’m currently buying pet spray because I know that will get the smell out my van and I’m going to use it for my couch too, on top of using cleaning solutions.

Harmony Too

This little sweet bundle of joy is damn near perfectly potty trained, with a few accidents here and there. The other day Melody had to use the bathroom and so did Harmony, but Mel beat her to it. I’m upstairs laying down and I hear “Melody hurry up before I pee on myself”. Next thing I heard was a splatter on the floor. I ran so fast down my stairs and just went ballistic. There was pee all. over. the. floor. Harmony looked like she poured a bucket of water all over. How does someone so little hold such a great amount of liquid?! And my bathroom isn’t that big. Another HUGE mess to clean up; soaked up an entire bath towel.

All I can say after alllll of that is: thank God for fabuloso, clorox, lysol, and pinesol. I make sure I keep all of those on deck at all times.


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