Online Classes - A Change I Wasn't Ready For

Yesterday was my first day returning to university - but online. Now, I was in cyber school for the last couple years of high school and thought online classes would be no big deal. I was wrong.

My spring break was extended by an extra week, and that alone messed up my sleeping schedule. I was really excited to go back. I missed my friends, my professors, my radio show and my campus. First, we got the news that the university would be closed through April 11th. In the meantime, we would do online classes and then things would go back to normal. It wasn't long before the University was closed for the remainder of the semester.

I'm almost glad I have to take an extra semester and won't graduate in May.

It's probably going to take a bit to get used to classes online, and maybe I should chill and not be so depressed about it. I mean, it has only been a couple of days. But quarantine's messing with me. My sleep schedule is all messed up, and from what I've read on reddit...I'm not the only one.

Thankfully, one of my professors is using this application called Zoom that's a lot like Skype but better. I legit almost cried in a meeting this morning, because most of my class was there with my professor and we were talking like we did in class. Just being able to see some classmates and talk with them meant so much.

This pandemic and having to practice social distancing is hurting us. This mere sense of normalcy and feeling like I'm sitting in class surrounded by people made me feel so much better than I've felt in days. I'm sure others feel the same way.

With that, I implore my readers to wash your hands and stay home. Do what you can to beat this virus so we can get back to our normal lives.


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