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One Question For Each Team Week 1 of the NFL Left Us With

  • Arizona Cardinals: Arizona had seven possessions that lasted under three minutes and netted no pointed. Their punter had a very busy afternoon. What can they do stay on the field on offense?

  • Atlanta Falcons: Marcus Mariota threw for just 215 yards on 33 attempts for no touchdowns. He fumbled twice and seemed more of a running threat than a passing one. Is Mariota good enough to get the passing game going this season at all?

  • Baltimore Ravens: Nothing on the stat sheet stands out on offense or defense for this team other than a few early sacks and that the Jets were held to a lone field goal till a garbage time touchdown. Will the Ravens defense be able to hold up against better offenses?

  • Buffalo Bills: The Bills threw two interceptions and lost a fumble and still held the reigning Super Bowl champs to just 10 points. Josh Allen only had five incompletions, almost 300 yards passing not to mention his 10 carries. The defense had a few interceptions and was all over the backfield. How long can Buffalo stay the most complete team in the NFL?

  • Carolina Panthers: Baker Mayfield had an interception and not one, not two, not three but four fumbles. The run game averaged 3.5YPC even with a healthy Christian McCaffrey accounting for over half the runs. Under 20 rushing plays and only 16 completions in the passing game. Doesn't look like a lot of offense is going on. Is Baker Mayfield going to play at a mediocre level and prove the Browns made the right decision in getting rid of him?

  • Chicago Bears: The Bears no longer have Robinson, their one solid receiver in previous years. Justin Fields had eight completions for 121 yards. The Bears ran the ball 37 times compared to just 17 pass attempts. That lopsided effort is typically only seen in a 49-0 blowout or a massive snowstorm not opening week. Can Justin Fields do anything to get the offense churning in the passing or running game?

  • Cincinnati Bengals: The Steelers seem an alright team this year. Given that your lead RB average 3ypc and your QB committed five turnovers ending regulation tied shows some resiliency. Chalk it up to an off day but now the Bengals have got some strong competition in their division. All three division rivals managed a win. Can the Bengals rebound enough to secure a division title?

  • Cleveland Browns: Your starting QB is suspended for a chunk of the regular season. You no longer have Jarvis Landry or OBJ to throw to. You still have the best RB tandem in football with Chubb and Hunt. Brissett's numbers in the passing game are not great. But, you now have Amari Cooper. Can Brissett build enough rapport with Cooper to get some life into the passing game?

  • Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott is injured and could miss half the season. Cooper Rush is now the starter. Last time Prescott was injured for an extended period of time they went 6-10 with Andy Dalton. Even in a weak division can you expect Rush to keep the team in playoff contention for half the season or do you make a trade for a veteran QB?

  • Denver Broncos: Even after a loss the Broncos must be optimistic with Russel Wilson at QB. Can Wilson be a big enough upgrade at the quarterback position to make the Broncos playoff contenders? They haven't seemed to have that potential since the Peyton Manning era in Denver.

  • Detroit Lions: When you allow 38 points in just two quarters you don't deserve to win.

  • Green Bay Packers: It is noteworthy that last year Aaron Rodgers had a stinker game 1 then went on to win MVP. But with no Davante Adams or last year's B squad receivers who the heck is Rodgers going to be throwing to this year?

  • Houston Texans: A tie is rarely exciting in football. But when you're averaging just under 2.6ypc in the run game and the passing attack isn't that spectacular I think you take it. After a dismal rushing performance can the Texans get the running game going?

  • Indianapolis Colts: Johnathan Taylor had 35 touches combined rushing and receiving for 175 and a TD. With QB Matt Ryan have 28 completions to others and 7 carries not by Taylor that means Taylor accounted for exactly half of the team's completions and carries. Matt Ryan's four fumbles when he was only sacked twice is not a positive sign. The Colts could be a pass heavy team with former MVP Ryan throwing to Pittman or be a run heavy team leaning on Taylor. Will the Colts keep balance on offense?

  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Eighteen caries to 42 pass attempts. When you make only 6.5ypa in the passing game yet average 6.8ypc in the running game why oh why are you throwing the ball so much? Yes, the Jags were done a couple scores in the first half but they were far from out of the game. Can they stick with the run or at least find some balance on offense instead of making it the Trevor Lawrence show?

  • Kansas City Chiefs: Mahomes played darn near perfect. He spread the ball around fairly well too, with half a dozen players making at least three catches. Will this team miss Tyreek Hill at all this season?

  • Las Vegas Raiders: It has been debated for a few years now if Derek Carr is the QB for the Raiders or a stop gap. He's had his moments. Two fumbles, three interceptions and six sacks is not a good start. Can Carr prove to the Raiders this season he still belongs to be the starter?

  • Los Angeles Chargers: When your two leading running backs average 2.6 and 1.7 yards per carry respectively you have to wonder what can be done to fix the run game? They could probably rely on Herbert to throw 50 times a game but can the run game get going and not make this offense one-dimensional?

  • Los Angeles Rams: The Bills defense right out of the gate is a rough week 1. Cooper Kupp is still playing like an All-Pro wide receiver. The wide receiver options seem limited beyond Kupp. Nobody else managed 40 yards receiving when Kupp had over triple that amount. Can anyone replace OBJ as the WR2?

  • Miami Dolphins: Combining for over 160 of Tua's 270 passing yards and a TD can Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle settle into a solid receiving duo?

  • Minnesota Vikings: Just wow. Justin Jefferson's performance was impressive. At 184 yards in week 1 and the fact he had the second most receiving yards last season, will Justin Jefferson lead the league in receiving yards this season?

  • New England Patriots: It took the Pats 18 plays and over 8 minutes to muster their only points of the day. With Mac Jones injury still up in the air as to the affect it will have, is there anything this team can do to get any offense going? They've got some decent names in the receiving room but losing to a division rival who isn't even the Bills puts a damper on the team's hopes for any kind of success this season.

  • New Orleans Saints: Jarvis Landry and a healthy Michael Thomas look like a very solid receiving duo. Kamara and Taysom Hill seem like a very solid rushing duo. Winston is good enough to get the ball to highly skilled players through the air. Does this team have any chance of unseating Tampa Bay for the division crown?

  • New York Giants: The pass defense showed up Sunday and proved they could play well enough to give the offense a chance to win, assuming the opposing team has no above average pass catchers. Having to give up some of their best defensive players for cap space how will the Giants pass defense fair when up again high level receiving talent?

  • New York Jets: It'll be interesting to see how different if at all this team is once Zach Wilson is back under center and Flacco is on the bench. But when your kicker goes 1/2 for field goals both inside the 50 and doesn't make his lone extra point is it too early to panic? Could any miss in week 2 bring about a change at the position which has been unkind to the Jets the past few years?

  • Philadelphia Eagles: Philly has been early favorites for the division. Even when your team puts up 38 allowing your opponent, especially the lowly Lions to put up 35 and keep a close game throughout can be cause for worry. Will Jalen Hurts do enough to keep the Eagles atop the division?

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: The defense managed seven sacks and four interceptions with a decently balanced offense. How far can the defense carry the offense this season? A win against last year's Super Bowl runner-up is a good start.

  • San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo is on the team. Trey Lance threw for under 50 completion percentage and no touchdowns. He got the ball into stud receiver Deebo Samuel's hands twice in the passing game on eight attempts for 14 yards. Are the 49ers going to waste the season letting Trey Lance learn instead of having Super Bowl QB Jimmy G. starting?

  • Seattle Seahawks: How will the Seahawks secondary fair if Jamal Adams misses significant time after suffering a serious injury?

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: While seemingly a solid win, only one touchdown compared to four field goals on five attempts is a telling sign. Getting into the opposing team's territory is great but can the Bucs improve at finishing drives in the end zone?

  • Tennessee Titans: Not unlike the Packers who let their best wide receiver go then did little to replace him, who is Ryan Tannehill going to pass to this season?

  • Washington Commanders: There were some questions about Antonio Gibson coming into the season. A 130 yard performance should quell some of that but can Gibson be a consistent featured back?

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