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On Being Disliked

I learned earlier this week that if you only talk about your shortcomings, people will think that you are not good at anything and, in some circles, not worth connecting with.


This seems really unfair to me. Why is it that the people who show off, brag and act smug are the winners in American society? There are surely a lot of people out there who work hard who keep quiet.

Likability, as the author Mitch Prinstein mentions in the book Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World, is what will help you get ahead in all aspects of your life. It's actually not popularity that will lead you to harmony.

But what if people don't like you? Can you really change yourself? Can you influence and alter the influence of others?

For the moment, the only answer I have is to take a leap of faith, talk about the lighter side of life and see what happens.

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