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New Year, New Mayor

The new year welcomed Malik Evans as the mayor of Rochester, NY. Sunday, Pastor Dr. Jonathan McReynolds prayed over the first family at Aenon Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor McReynolds posted on Facebook, "It was an honor to pray over the First Family of Rochester, NY today as the Honorable Malik Evans enters his first week of service as Mayor."

Evans was officially named mayor on January 1. The former City Councilmember believes he is the change Rochester needs after two years of chaos. Unfortunately, 2021 delivered a laundry list of issues that impacted Rochester. The city witnessed a staggering 81 homicides, COVID-19 related deaths, and understaffed hospitals.

But, Evans is hoping the community will help combat the growing gun violence plaguing our city. Evans stated, "We can't do this without the community alone, Government's not going to solve this alone. It has to be a community approach. In order to stop this carnage that we're seeing on our streets.”

Tragically, the new year has not detoured violence. January 2 marked the first homicide of 2022. Reports claim a 14-year-old boy was shot dead Sunday evening.

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