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Never Discourage Your Kids Dreams

One thing we as parents should never do is crush our children’s dreams and aspirations. They are so full of life and ideas and it’s already hard for them in this world. Who are we to tell them what they can and can not do? We all want what’s best for our children but that doesn’t mean we make them do something they don’t want to do. They’ll regret it in the end.

We all have imaginations and children are so vivid with theirs. Some dream of being doctors, lawyers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters. Others dream of being ballerinas, football players, basketball players, singers, dancers, etc. My oldest daughter has told me so many different career choices that I can’t keep up LOL, but I never told her not to follow her dreams. She is definitely multi-talented and can do all things she’s listed. I just want her to be happy and fulfilled.

I wanted to be a singer and possibly an actress but my mother discouraged me because of another family member’s failure. Despite what might have happened with them, doesn’t mean that would happen to me. I told her I wanted to start my own business, all she could say was why? Everything was just plain negative. She wasn’t very encouraging when I went back to school either. She is part of the reason I will NEVER shy my kids away from what they feel they are destined to be.

As long as they are satisfied with the outcome, I’m all for it. I think all my babies will end up in some form of entertainment because they are all so full of spunk. I will support them 100% and wish them all the best. They never have to worry about mommy not being there.

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