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Nelson Vs TRUMP on vape

Last Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced his administration would propose a ban on flavorings used in e-cigarettes.

6 deaths have been linked to "some type of vaping", and Trumps administration are blaming it on the attractive flavors, encouraging teens and children to use the product.

Trump's administration attacking the fruity and flavored liquids is going to ruin the vaping industry.

Dave Nelson, uncle, father, son; OWNS Rocky Top Vapor in Tennessee, and it has several locations with over 40 employees across them.

“In our business, 95 percent of what we sell is flavored products to adults,” says Nelson.

It would almost certainly force us to go out of business without the availability of product,” said Nelson.

Most of his customers are between 35 and 55 years old and have turned to vaping to quit smoking cigarettes.

“You’re basically telling the 10 million people that vape and got off of smoking that they’re not important,” said Nelson.

Jonathon Wendel vapes for that very reason.

“It actually does help a lot of people actually migrate away from regular cigarettes and other tobacco products like that,” says Wendel.

"People are dying from vaping," Trump said, announcing his plan to ban flavored vape pods like mango, wild cherry, and cotton candy across the US. "It's really not wonderful."

Trump and his first lady have voiced concerns of their 13 year old teenage son because like many teens, he sees and knows the trends, and Juul has made a huge not so good impression for itself.

Now if they ban the fruity flavors this could backfire and cause even worse issues than we have now. One black market THC vape brand called "Dank Vapes" is tied to many of the recent lung illnesses. Nicotine-only flavored vapes (either do-it-yourself mixes or cartridges from international sellers) could easily flood the black market if the Trump ban takes effect.

There's also no clear evidence that the lung injuries and deaths reported in the US are not tied to any specific brand or substance, flavors included. Both nicotine and THC vapers alike have been affected.

One small study of 31 healthy adults released by the University of Pennsylvania last month suggested that some of the "harmless" oils like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG-VG) inside vape pens might undergo dangerous transformations as they heat up and aerosolize inside vape pens, potentially turning them into toxic substances. Regulators and health experts just don't fully understand what concoction is triggering the worrisome lung conditions yet.

"Lung illnesses are directly related to honeycut and vitamin e acetate cannabis products bought off the street. 90% of the cases are white males average age 19. Which also is the same or pretty close to who is actually using marijuana Vapes in general.

The CDC and FDA are not accurately warning people but lumping it in with vaping in general because they want removal of all vaping products." Says Nelson, he goes on to explain "what needs to be avoided is the THC Cartridges that are NOT from dispensaries, but are brought in from the street themselves. The vitamin e acetate and honeycut is the most common way for those products to look quality but in fact you can't vape oils or products like that."

David Nelson says that the positives are being completely overlooked and ignored.

So many people have switched off of cigarettes successfully thanks to vaping.

“That’s pretty sad that its hurting small businesses, mom and pop shops, that found a product that helps people and now they’re going to be forced out,” said Nelson.

Nelson is a part of several advocacy groups and legislation for e-cigarette use. He was already planning a trip to the nation’s capital next week with the Vapor Technology Association.

He says this potential ban will shift the conversations on the trip.

David Nelson is now in DC in a 3 day conference to save his business and to save the right to vape!

Sporting The FDA 4at the VTA in Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown.

Please share your thoughts, share this story. get the word out.

Good Luck Uncle David!

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