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My Take On This Year's MLB October Fest

New York Post- Ken Davidoff

Whether you are an athlete of the sports' world or a fan of the industry, there are so much unusual things to get use to in the 2020 version of each sports' world that you take apart in.

I know as a New York Yankee fan, a big part of the baseball universe is the postseason and all the hype that is associated with the October festivities. In a usual baseball season, after the 162 regular season, all the stats that were accumulated during that period is tossed out and the focus is shifted to getting through the postseason and heading into October as one of the two team that will square off in a World Series competition.

This year, there is no 162 regular game stretch to the postseason, instead it is a 62 game sprint into October that is a fierce battle to become one of the two team to compete on the World Series stage. This year, right out of the gates in July, it has been an intense battle between teams and, there is there also the additional component of trying not to acquire the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the October festivities that are meant to lead up to a World Series competition will be missing the usual intensity that normally come from the stands. Come this October, MLB players won't have that usual extra boost of energy that comes out of the crowd on the Postseason-World series stage. I will tell you something though, even though there will be dead silence coming out of the bleachers, I will be looking forward to hearing that sweet sound of the baseball connecting with the bat. Also, we definitely can't forget that awesome sound that the baseball makes when it hits the catcher's mit.

I don't care that this year's baseball season isn't the one that we are use to, I am just happy that there is a season to watch. As a matter fact, I want to give you my two cents on this whole World Series-asterisk issue.

When it comes to this year's World Series rivalry, the question of whether or not the championship will have any proper recognition has been raised from the very begin. To be honest, I believe this year's champion shouldn't have an asterisk next to them and I will explain why. This year, players have to play at a high level to secure a postseason shot, I don't see what is the difference. Yes, it a 60-game season, but shouldn't that count for something? It shows that the World Series champs overcame intense rivals to become the last team standing. In my opinion, when MLB places an asterisk next to the team that will hold the championship this year, it seems like the record books will reflect that the baseball world wasn't confident in giving 2020 World Series champions their title

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