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My Take- A Red Thunder Storm Is Brewing

During this COVID-19 tragedy, sport teams have to do all they can to keep their fans engaged, as fans can only watch their favorite teams in quarantine. What is one of the best ways to take people's mind off the coronavirus? Well, I will tell you, teams have to make sure that their clutch hitters are in the lineup.

For a couple of seasons, Frazier couldn't crack his way onto the major league roster with the Yanks because the outfield was crowded, but on August 12th of the 2020 baseball season, Clint Frazier made his debut of the season. It is unfortunate that the only he could get playing time in the majors is by filling in for guys that go down due to injuries.

The New York Yankees have unfortunately lost Aaron Judge to the IL on August 14th with a mild strain to his right calf (the Yankees are now considering an ASAP type return for their right fielder). Giancarlo Stanton is out as well, because he has been sidelined since Sunday and is expected to miss close to the next month with a left hamstring strain.

On the bright side, the Yanks are following the "Next Man Up" mentality and that blueprint has proven effective for them during multiple season runs. This season, the team has resort to that blueprint once again come in and it is working out well.

For now, there is room for Frazier and his hot bat in the Yankee lineup, as he made an impact in his 2020 debut against the Atlanta Braves . In his first game of the season, his production featured three hits, including a home run in his first at-bat, as Red Thunder finished a triple shy of the cycle in a 6-3 win over the Braves.

Boy, I knew this guy could hit, but what he is doing this year is amazing. In my book, he has proven his worth because he has some stellar defense and man, that bat swing is so sweet to watch.

He has not slowed down since he came up, as a matter of fact, I believe Frazier is just the lethal bat that the Yanks ordered to replace a slugging Judge. Considering Judge may be back sooner than expected, I can only imagine the power that the Yankee lineup would possess with a slugging Aaron Judge and a hitter that the fanbase has come to know as Red Thunder.

It looks like Red Thunder will be in the weather forecast for a while, as he is making the most of his 2020 opportunity in the majors. Riding his hot start against Atlanta, he helped his team defend their home turf against the Boston Red Sox. The out come of that series was a complete sweep.

As a matter of fact, after his first game of 2020, he told the media, "I feel like I’m the best player right now than I’ve ever been..." A smile crept across his lips as he said to the press that “I’ve worked on a lot of things and I’m ready to show it off.”

I know that there are people who don’t really trust in the outfielder’s abilities, but when we first acquired him from Cleveland, I just knew that he would be something special for the Yanks. As a fan, I am really glad to see him doing well in the majors and I wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

Despite all the uncertainties that face Clint because of the defensive weakness, after the damage he inflicted on the Braves and the Red Sox, I am convinced that that he could be a vital component in the Yankees’ Chase For 28. I don't know about you, but so far, I have been impressed by the defense he has showcase so far.

It is terrible that COVID-19 has cut the baseball season to 60 games, but it is amazing to watch players like Frazier keep up with the shortened schedule so far.

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