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My nephew Simran Gordon was killed by the RPD

Simran Gordon was someone’s son, father, brother, nephew, friend, etc. Gordon’s uncle explains how the loss of his nephew has impacted his entire family.

By: Lynden Gordon

On October 6th, 2021, my nephew Simran Gordon was killed by the RPD.

Simran's murder has been very tragic for our whole family, we miss him deeply.

I love and miss my nephew. He was my cool nephew very quiet and low-key demeanor with a great smile. He was a loving guy that took awesome care of his son, Simran jr.

Simran always celebrated his nieces' and nephews' birthdays and gave good gifts. He was good with his hands and loved to help people in any way he could. One of my sister Claudette's elderly neighbors told us that anytime she needed help, Simran was there. Another elderly woman from the church around the corner said Simran always showed up to their church events.

Simran really was a happy, loving, and strong individual. It hurts that he is not here. I think back to when my nephew got shot in mid-2020. The bullet grazed his head, and he suffered trauma from that experience with some mental health issues. But he was still here with us.

It's just crazy that I don't have my nephew anymore. I will fight with everything in me to dispel the lies and prove my nephew was innocent.

We all must fight...Justice for Simran Gordon

Tocsin Magazine received exclusive photos of the body of Simran Gordon. These images appear to show at least three bullet wounds to the back of Gordon’s body. We are ONLY sharing these photos with subscribers to our publication. Does this information change your view on what the media reported?

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