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My Kids Eat Weird Stuff

We all know that kids can be very picky eaters. Sometimes they eat everything, sometimes they eat nothing, and then sometimes they just want junk ALL DAY LONG. Well my babies are all the above and then some. Let me break down each kid:


My oldest is your typical normal child. She eats a good mixture of everything. However, I just found out that she likes to eat the fat on meat, like on pork roast. What in the what?! Who’s child is this lol? I mean I know it kind of gives off flavor but to actually eat it is gross to me, plus it tastes slimy.


Now this child right here, my second oldest, is definitely my “gifted child”. From the age of 2 or 3, she has done some weird things. She used to eat the tea grinds out of the tea bags. She would sneak and do this while I was sleeping. So anytime I finished drinking tea and left my cup out, the tea bag would be ripped/bitten open. With that being said, I found out the other day that she ate the last of my coffee creamer; my favorite flavor at that: Amaretto. Why why why?! It was barely any left and she had the nerve to eat it and then left the empty container in the cabinet like i wasn’t going to notice. Oh by the way, her 3 year old sister snitched on her because I thought her or my 4 year old did it; but she told me how she did it down to the T lol.

Harmony and Melody

My 3rd child has her moments. She eats good when she wants to but now she’s starting to fall in line with the other minion with the picky eating. And this last baby, OMG, she’s the ringleader for EVERYTHING. She will ask for a sandwich and just eat the meat inside. What’s the point of asking for a sandwich?! Nowwwww both of them all of a sudden don’t like bread. I’ve made them roast beef sandwiches on a bun, bought McDonald’s sausage biscuits, and they literally leave the bread like it’s tainted. Smh. Another thing they both do is take the pepperoni off pizza; so now I only buy cheese pizza. (Sidenote: I love cheese pizza by the way lol).

One thing I can say about my ever-so-picky clan is that they LOVE fruits and vegetables. I never have a problem with them eating healthy. I know I’m not the only one with these problems and I definitely know I have my hands full.

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