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MT Hope Diner hit with repulsive violations

A popular diner may have customers rethinking eating at the local hot spot. New York State Department of Health hit MT Hope Diner with multiple critical violations over the last year. The latest report stems from an inspection done in November of 2021.

1511 MT Hope Ave. is the home of MT Hope Diner. The company website states it was established in 1966 by Greek immigrant Pat Mihalitsas and his wife Sandy the Mt. Hope Diner was originally opened under the name Pat and Sandy's. Although the name and building have undergone some changes over the years the Mihalitsas family still owns and operates this true to its name family diner.

The report states food workers do not wash their hands thoroughly after visiting the toilet, coughing, sneezing, smoking, or otherwise contaminating their hands. In addition, potentially hazardous foods were not cooled by an approved method where the food temperature can be reduced from 120oF to 70oF or less within two hours and 70oF to 45oF within four hours, and food workers did not use proper utensils to eliminate bare hand contact with cooked or prepared foods.

To read the entire list of violations or to check your favorite eatery click here.

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