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#More Pizza Please

Why is pizza so addicting? The dough, crust, cheese, sauce, and topping's. It is like a slice of heaven. And you cannot just eat one bite!

Pizza in the Oven, Baked to perfection

Everyone likes a pizza like they want it to taste. There are millions of pizza shops all around. Why just try one, and not try everywhere to see your taste. Pizza is a circled Italian food. Made with dough, yeast, sauce, and cheese. It is perfect for any occasion, including just for eating by oneself. The first pizza ever made was in 997 A.D, and it was in Italy. Although it was really founded in 1946 in Italy.

Norway eats the most pizza in the world, fact. Eleven pies per person. Pizza only comes from the finest ingredients. Fresh ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. The flavors are so tasty that you want more, and more. Do not just pick one pizza shop, pick many to see what your taste buds are really asking for!

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