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Messed up!

One day you feel like doing everything, and in one minute you cancel everything. You seem to not want to go anywhere, or do anything. You stay in, and get fast food, rather than go to a restaurant. You are Messed up!

Messed up!

There is a lot of times where you do not know where we left off. What to start with over again, or what is next. You try, and try, but get no where. It is a challenge one you, yourself can make. Sure someone can help you, or push you to it. But mainly you have to do it on your own. Because that mess is not going to clean itself. Or those bills of your will not be paid, when they have only your name on them.

Being stuck is like a rock in a hard place. You need more space, and room to get out. What is worse if you are being treated badly. It could be an even harder time to deal with getting things done. Keep focused, and stick to your goals. Have goals always at hand. It will keep you from getting to the ocean of rock bottom.

Also stick to your plans, and projects. Having them is a necessity. Keeping busy is what you need to do. It eases stress, just like working out, without the hardship. Create new ideas for your home, garden, paintings, etc. Come up with a list that makes you happy. When you are doing all these things, you are getting a more organized outlook. And being organized helps free your mind, and help you with school, work, even vacations.

I am Organized!

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