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Mentally I'll Who?

Who am I? Who Are You? What in the world is going on? People suffer with metal illnesses, and sometimes do not know what is truly happening in their body, and mind. When they look into a mirror it what do they see? Blurry vision, like having it covered in water.

Locked up Brain.

When someone is mentally ill, they suffer a lot of metal, and physical pain. No one knows what, and how to help them entirely, or completely. The mental doctors just give them a band aid, as if it were a cut trying to heal. It never does, and they feel like their is no hope left for them. People who are Mentally ill are like people with Cancer, their are no cures.

When a person is mentally ill, they cannot enjoy life as one with no mental illness. They have to feel things differently, see things differently, and speak things differently. While if they do not take their medications, they will be sent to a hospital, where they get medicated, blood taken, etc. Not only that, but they too also have to see a psychiatrist for the rest of their lives. And be on welfare. It is like a prison, that they have to go through, and hell with their mental illness!

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