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Mayor's Adversaries Howard Eagle & Bob Lonsberry "Support" Malik Evans, Myra Brown Pissed?!

Should Mayor Lovely Warren be worried? The mayor has geared up for re-election, a criminal trial, and a possible civil lawsuit, while her adversaries found common ground with Malik Evans. On January 18, City Councilman Malik Evans announced he would be running against Mayor Lovely Warren in the upcoming mayoral race. The councilman's announcement stirred up a laundry list of emotions amongst some Facebook users, including Mayor Lovely Warren.

The mayor posted and then deleted the following statement, "We've prepared for this moment. All over the country unfortunately it's been our brothers that have been first in line to take on sisters. The powers that be playbook hasn't changed since the days of slavery. We know our ancestors are looking down upon us and asking... when will our people learn...".

However, Educator and Activist Howard Eagle seemed to be more than supportive when news broke, Eagle posted, “Have y'all heard about this? Some are saying he won't be much better, but I'm elated to hear that he's running. The idea of Ms. Warren running unopposed is unconscionable. Unless someone better emerges, I look forward to rooting for him." Unfortunately for Warren, Howard is not the only "loudmouth" adding words of support for Evans. Radio personality Bob Lonsberry, who has openly criticized Warren in the past, commented, "...I also admire malik a great deal. i loved his dad, and malik has been a gentleman over a lot of years. he is definitely no joke, and i think he would be very capable mayor." Is it possible that Eagle and Lonsberry have enough man power to add the final nail in Warren's political coffin? The unlikely "allies" drummed up commentary from friends and foes of Mayor Lovely Warren. Pastor Myra Brown, who appeared in a past news conference with Warren commented, "Howard J. Eagle I am confused about being tagged in this conversation given how chummy you appear with Lonsberry and forgiving of his racists and sexist statements towards young black women, Bill Johnson, and black scholars...". Former Duty Mayor Cedric Alexander also "hopped" in the comment section to add, "Bob Lonsberry I would have won the republican congressional race in 2018 if I hadn't been back know like LaRon was backstabbed." Others chimed in as things went from entertaining to downright nasty (to read the Facebook post click the link below).

No matter who you support, Warren appears to be in a fight for her political life. The once-promising Black female leader has found her administration plagued by legal issues, questions of morality, protests, police-involved murder, a high crime rate, and a failing school system. Should she bow out gracefully or fight tooth and nail?

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