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Mayor Lovely Warren Safety Net Or Scapegoat For Drug Ring?

Rumors of a possible separation between Mayor Lovely Warren and her husband, Timothy Granison, have circulated for years. The rumored separation may be a result of Granison allegedly fathering a child outside of their marriage. Now, the embattled mayor could be facing new criminal charges for an alleged gun found on her property and child endangerment. But was she involved?

A source claimed that a grand jury would hear evidence to determine if charges could be filed against Warren. Bob Lonsberry tweeted the following, " The NYS drug investigation targeting the husband of #ROC Mayor Lovely Warren included extensive Title 3 wiretapping of telephones. A female voice believed to be that of the mayor was heard on some of the recordings. I have no information on what she did or did not say."

However, Warren has maintained her innocence. During a news conference, the mayor stated, “Many emotions have gone through my head, starting with confusion, anger, betrayal, and hurt,” Warren said. “This past year I have faced insurmountable odds. I lost my mom, my mentor, and father figure, faced COVID and civil unrest. It knocked me down, but not out.”

Unfortunately, Timothy Granison's arrest for possession of 31 grams of cocaine with intent to sell and illegal possession of a handgun is causing damage to an already fractured campaign. District Attorney Sandra Doorley stated Granison was not an initial target of the investigation. But, rumors of a reckless man who felt untouchable continue to fly.

The Democrat & Chronicle reported Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley on Thursday morning said that Granison's arrest stemmed from a seven-month-long investigation run by her office.

Initially, Doorley said, Rochester police and Rochester area's narcotics team led the investigation but, once Granison emerged as a potential target, roughly three months ago, State Police took over that part of the investigation "to preserve the integrity of the investigation for obvious reasons." New York State Police on Wednesday and Thursday executed search warrants at seven locations within city limits, including Mayor Warren's home. More than two kilos of powder and crack cocaine were recovered, as were three firearms and a semi-automatic rifle and more than $100,000 cash, Doorley said. One unregistered handgun, a loaded magazine, and the semi-automatic rifle were recovered from the mayor's house, New York State Police Major Barry Chase said. It was not yet clear if the rifle is illegal.

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