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Lost, and Found.

The worst fear is losing your child, especially if it was only because you were not watching them. For a split second you take your eyes off your child, and their gone. Missing children, and how it effects a mother/father so deeply. So deep, that you search for life!

I can picture my child alone.

When we lose our child, and file a missing person report. There is this sick, twisted, unimaginable pain that eats at our guts. To know that our child is alone with sick weirdos, and freaks. Our minds our racing, and we get very angry, and if we can't find them it is worse than the death to them. To never know what truly happened. Without their mother/father to take care of them. The agony is completely unreal. All we see is our child's face, needing more, and more of it like a drug.

If, and when 48 hours is up, and the child is missing we are to believe our child is dead. The parent(s) always get sick thoughts, like if my child was murdered. It plays in their head like a stereo. But the mother/father will never think that until there is evidence of where they are. Parents will never stop looking. The parent(s) will do everything in their power, and trust me they love their kid so much they are superwomen/superman. The parents will have a blank spot in their heads, and always try to find it, by finding their kid.

If you see or suspect a child missing, or abused call 800-THE-LOST

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