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Lisa Wu & Jackie Christie in Netflix’s “Professor Mack”

So, these “reality” stars are getting real roles, huh? Just in case you didn’t know, former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate Lisa Wu, is the leading lady of Netflix’s movie “Professor Mack”. Basketball Wives’ Jackie Christy also pops her head in a few scenes as one of Wu’s friends.

The movie follows a college professor played by Lisa Wu, who happens to be a playa from the himilayas, if you know what I mean. If not, keep reading.

Wu’s character, has her pick of the litter when it come to men and has no plans on settling down. That is, until she tries to run her game on an attorney, who reads her like an old newspaper article.

Fortunately, she (meaning Professor Mack) realizes her dirty dog ways and gives in. Eventually, falling for the man she truly loves.

I’d give this movie three coins out of my five cents. The ending was kind of corny, but overall the acting was decent and the script wasn’t bad. You go girls.....

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