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Junk Drawers and Other Dimensions

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

When my wife and I downsized, we got rid of a huge amount of junk that had accumulated in our home. In addition to ridding ourselves of our junk, we also got rid of our three adult children's junk. "Come and get it or it goes to the dump." were our words".

We had a four bedroom house and had to get rid of enough furniture to fit into a two bedroom condo while leaving us room to walk around. It is not an easy task getting rid of forty years or "stuff' as one of my cousins calls it; desks, bookcases, chairs, skis, skates, hockey sticks, musical implements including a piano, paintings, LPs, electronic equipment and other items that had sat collecting dust, the accumulated "stuff" of years of raising a family.

After many garage sales, many trips to the Salvation Army thrift store, trips to the local dump and donating to friends and family, we finally managed to become downsized. Now, a number of years have gone by and we find a lot of useless junk has again accumulated. Where does it come from?

It is kind of like the mystery of socks, washing machines and driers. Carry out a laundry that includes eight pairs of socks and post-laundry and after emptying the dryer you find a sock missing. In my sock drawer, I have five single socks. Where do they go? I hang onto them in the faint hope that one day the orphaned socks will reappear.

Where does this junk come from? We have two drawers in our kitchen, plus I have a drawer in my dresser inhabited by a lot of stuff that I do not remember buying or receiving. It seems to magically appear. Is there some kind of parallel universe out there with inhabitants getting rid of their junk by dumping it on us? Using some weird inter-galactic system that is not available to us?

The Mysterious Parallel Universe

This coming weekend, we are having a junk-begone. We will once again get rid of a lot of stuff that was not there a few years ago and just maybe we will tape up the drawers where this stuff is hiding. My one fear in doing so is we will open the drawers a year from now and find more "stuff". Now that will be very freaky.

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