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"Mayor" Jose Peo, Doesn't Like Black People?

Rumors have been circulating that City Councilman Jose Peo will announce his candidacy in the 2021 mayoral election. The pint-sized loud mouth allegedly believes he is capable of doing a better job than Mayor Lovely Warren. However, he may have some challenges when it comes to the Black vote. Peo, who is Hispanic, has been accused of being bias against Black people. In April, Peo was dragged for days after calling out Black leaders. At that time, he apologized by stating, “It took me a day or two to really understand the impact of my words in a community that is so downtrodden, that is so hurt, I did not speak with love and compassion. I’m sorry, I spoke condescendingly...there was just no excuse.” Wait, a cotton-picking minute, I thought Hispanics were also a "downtrodden" community? I'm assuming someone forgot to send Peo the memo.

Unfortunately, his “condescending” ways popped up again. The “little dummy” thought it was wise to comment on a racially sensitive post created by Mary Lupien. According to Mary, during her walk on a pier in Webster, she overheard a Black child state, "I want to live there. I'll paint my whole body white so I can live with them." Some of Lupien's critics believe her story was something she drummed up for likes. Anywho, moments later, Peo hopped in the comment section to drop a few thoughts and got dragged again. Just read the thread for yourself and tell us what you think.

That's when Pea Brain Peo decided it was his job to jump into her comment's section to say:

Unfortunately for this bird brain, Lupien's followers had time for the shenanigans and dragged him once again.

We think it is time to vote for someone with a lot more sense and SENSITIVITY.

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