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Jon Osoff Reads His Republican Opponent!

by Joyce M Moore

This is outstanding! Take a look at the difference between the two candidates. Jon talks about issues such as the bill Perdue passed several times that will make Obama Care seem like the best alternative. Jon Osoff clearly has done his homework. In another instance, Jon talks about the childish slandering Perdue does to clap back instead of focusing on the real issues. The GOP is out of control and clearly grasping for straws, and didn't spend too much time researching some real competitive push back. I'm sure Perdue is more interested in how the stock market is going and Kelly with that latest Birkin bag she can order. The Republicans have become too complacent and need to go back to training to make this election campaign worth watching. Osoff mentions how Perdue was too busy trading stock once the covid pandemic hit high levels to avoid loss. Barack Obama speaks about this as well. How can you vote for someone who is too scared to do the groundwork but claims to be a supporter of minorities? Where's the evidence to show how Perdue and Loeffler are dedicated and working for the citizens of GA? We understand Kelly Loeffler's husband is the owner of a large stock exchange, go figure. Seems like they are a little too caught up with their wealth just like Trump, to focus on getting any real issues in GA taken care of. This is very concerning since 52% of citizens in GA are African American.

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