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Joe Biden's First Bill to Overturn

by Joyce M Moore

We all know Biden has his work cut out for him. We won't forget the words he stated during his electoral win. He stated the African American community has come through for him. This clearly states he appreciates us. However, speech means nothing without action. Biden has to make so many rights that were wronged during his role as a Vice President. We know he was the author of the prison reform bill that initially sent numerous African American men to prison. While no immediate mention of this has been acknowledged. Everyone is wondering how he intends to fix it.

According to NBC News Biden's first project in his first 100 days is to overturn the cruelty that separated parents from children during the border patrol. He states he will be working on the immigration reform that will undo what Trump put into place. He is reinstating the DACA which will protect adults who migrated to the U.S. as children. He is looking to revive the DAPA program which was originally denied through the courts. According to NBC News, it is going to be a difficult task due to the current pandemic and economy.

The concern is he is grateful for African Americans for electing him, however no mention to get together with the activists such as Tamika Mallory, Mysonne, and Ice Cube or any of the public officials that have spent endless time and years searching for justice. Hopefully, he doesn't interview Cardi B to get answers. We understand he interviewed with Charlamayne and Cardi B because of their large impact on social media. Surely when it comes down to it he will be able to focus on the systemic racism that is affecting African Americans. Will Biden meet with Charlamayne now that he is in the presidency? How about Kamala Harris? Time will tell.

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