Jeezy & Jeannie Won’t Last...

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

While many (mostly black men) are jumping for joy at the sight of Jeezy and his Asian boo Jeannie from The Real, others ( mostly black women) are giving them the side eye. Why, you might ask? Well it is simple, every time a POPULAR black male decides to walk over to the other side (the race line that is) black women are thrown under the bus.

Cheering misguided black men, who chances are have a very toxic relationship with their mothers (my opinion and I am sticking to it) find every reason to promote interracial dating and degrade black women.

Hey, I’m all for dating outside of your race. I have went out with men who don’t look ANYTHING like me. However, I never found the need to bash black men in the process.

As for Jeezy & Jeannie, I think they make a sexy couple. I could only wish they’d last for many years and have adorable kids. Unfortunately, here’s why this relationship will fizzle out shortly:

First off, Jeezy is a rapper with multiple children. So, he’s probably still hitting up one of his exes for sex every now and again or sexing the random groupie. Jeannie is a celebrity, who has openly discussed cheating being a dealbreaker and we all know Jeezy isn’t above cheating🤷🏽‍♀️ so when the groupies start dropping those receipts, how will Jeannie handle it? This will definitely affect her fanbase, which could potentially affect her money. Is Jeannie tough enough to handle the backlash? Or will she fold like a cheap plastic picnic table 😳We’ve seen these cheating scandals play-out far too much to even pretend like these relationships are anything to get excited about. Maybe they’d have a fighting chance if our prying eyes weren’t fixated on their every move.

Anywho, let these two SHINE until the lights go dim🧐 we’ll be watching and taking notes.

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