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Daniel Legler identified as man killed by trooper

Reports state Trooper Dominick Caito, a seasoned officer with 9-years of experience, conducted a routine check on a vehicle's license plates while patrolling Interstate 490 near Innovative Field on Sunday evening. To his surprise, he discovered that the vehicle had an expired inspection.

In an attempt to pull over the vehicle, the driver, Daniel Legler, a 35-year-old resident of Chili, allegedly accelerated and initiated a high-speed chase. The pursuit came to a dramatic end when Legler crashed while exiting State Route 531 at Rochester Tech Park.

Once the vehicle came to a halt, Legler emerged from it. Trooper Caito immediately instructed him to remain inside the car, but Legler disregarded the commands. Caito cautiously approached Legler, aiming to restrain him and place him under arrest.

Unfortunately, a struggle ensued between the two, and Legler, in possession of an illegal handgun, fired a shot. Reacting swiftly to the gunfire, Trooper Caito released his grip on Legler and drew his own service weapon. While retreating, Caito returned fire, ultimately resulting in Legler's demise.

The police department expressed deep sorrow over the tragic events that unfolded on Sunday.

"Our duty as law enforcement officers is to safeguard lives and property," stated Spezio. "We take an oath to fulfill this responsibility. No one wishes for any loss of life, and our thoughts and condolences are with Mr. Legler's family during this difficult time."

Authorities emphasized that Trooper Caito acted in accordance with his training.

"The use of deadly force is never a desired outcome in our line of work," Spezio explained. "However, faced with the imminent threat that Trooper Caito encountered, he made a decision to prioritize his own safety and neutralize the danger."

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Awais Ansari
Awais Ansari
Nov 08, 2023


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