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Its always hard to say Good-bye

Saying good-bye is never easy to do at all. When its something you love dearly and wholeheartedly.

Well that is what we come to with Forever 21 at 540 north Michigan ave in Chicago,IL. That location is officially up to close down at the end of this month. The entire store is 50% off on everything. For me the situation is kind of like "Nooooooo *extra dramatic scene* typish" for me only since that is a former workplace for me. I met some really great people and I adored my store manager at the time Trish. If your ever in the city of Chicago this month make sure you hit them up. It is sad to say that you will have to search for your size and items like crazy and the lines are super long but it is 50% off. All sales are final of course so make sure to take the time out to try on if necessary. Even then I've gotten some good shoes for half the price and accessories of course.

With all Love for shopping, Taty!

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