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Is There A Revolution In The Works?

There is no question that those on the frontlines amid this Coronavirus pandemic are struggling. Since the very beginning of this crisis, or nearly so, those in the medical field have reported a shortage of supplies (such as ventilators, even Tylenol) and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment--medical masks, gloves, etc), leaving doctors and nurses alike feeling vulnerable, and neglected by The Powers That Be. But they do their jobs anyway, putting their own lives at risk.

Well, Dr. Zubin Damania--aka ZDoggMD--has had enough. Dr. Damania, who practiced as a hospitalist at Stanford University for 10 years and is now based in L.A., has been doing a vlog of sorts through the COVID-19 crisis, and has become a prominent internet personality. In his videos he offers much-needed explanations and updates on COVID-19, gives advice to the public and those in the medical field for dealing with the crisis, chats about prevention and spread, and also brings in other experts to discuss the Coronavirus.

In this passionate video, he discusses the ludicrous firing of Dr. Ming Lin in Washington State for speaking out about the near-absence of PPE and blatant lack of protection available to medical personnel. For his part, Dr. Damania speaks out against administrations who are "misbehaving" during this crisis and lays out a "COVID Manifesto." In short, this is what's really going on behind closed doors in the medical field.

"Here's what we demand! ... Here's the call to action!" Dr. Demania says.

If you'd like to see more ZDoggMD videos, and/or follow him, just search "ZDoggMD" on Facebook and YouTube!

**WARNING: Light profanity used.**

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