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Is the Constitution based off the Bible?

When our founding fathers first wrote the constitution they intended every amendment they wrote was somehow associated with the Bible. A lot of people don't realize it that much because they don't take the time to pay attention to detail. There are over 50 bible verses in the constitution, more people need to know about this. If more people were to know our country would be heading in a completely different direction.

All of our founding fathers were associated with Christianity somehow. All of our laws are to be biblical based not human based which leads to a ruined society. This could be and would be the biggest reason that our country is failing.

There is one founding father that said nothing in the constitution is based off the Bible. Every other member disagreed because they wanted to run everything off the Bible. There was a huge disagreement between them if they wanted it that way or not. George Washington was the only that lived by that fully. Everyone else that became president

tried to do the same thing but couldn't live exactly up to it.

There is a line in the Constitution that says that we shall not follow our leaders but follow God himself as a country. This means that our country is not supposed to have democratic society, our society is supposed to be run by people who protect out constitution. There is one party who does not do this, that is the Democratic party. They don't believe in the constitution, they don't want anything to do with it. Republicans are more associated with Christianity and believe in the constitution. Our country is to be run by God not the people we put in office, we need someone that believes in the Bible and that believes in the constitution.

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