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Innovative Research Conducted Against COVID-19

Our World in Data has conducted research, as well as combined research from other sources, on COVID-19. Disclaimer: this is preliminary research updated as of today and is continuing to be updated as the disease progresses.

Within their research, Our World in Data looked at factors such as The Spanish Flu, Pneumonia, age, vaccinations, healthcare, causes of death, and smoking in their relation to COVID-19.

The Spanish Flu: Our World in Data compared the Spanish Flu and other major pandemics and how they look compared to Coronavirus.

Pneumonia: Our World in Data discovered that in severe cases of Coronavirus, some people have contracted Pneumonia which is estimated to kill 2.6 million each year.

Age: The severity of Coronavirus depends upon the age of the person (as well as other medical factors). Our World in Data looked at the structure of age in our society and how a large group of a certain age range could effect the spread of COVID-19.

Vaccinations: The development of a vaccination would be a bigger step toward discovering a cure or preventative medicine against the Coronavirus. Our World in Data is working closely with other organizations to do the research necessary to work toward a vaccination.

Healthcare: Our World in Data stated that it is necessary for there to be a strong healthcare system in place which will help protect against infectious disease. Our World in Data looked at how healthcare is financed in order to evaluate how it can help against the spread of COVID-19.

Causes of Death: Our World in Data researched how certain causes of death relate to Coronavirus (if they even do) and how this data contributes to our knowledge of COVID-19.

Smoking: Our World in Data detailed that smoking is a risk factor for Coronavirus--increasing individuals' chance of contracting the disease as well as increasing the severity of Coronavirus if contracted.

These factors and many more are major research topics targeted to identify how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as potentially discover preventative medicine against COVID-19.

To learn more about the research Our World in Data, and other organizations, are doing against Coronavirus go to

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