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Howard Eagle Speaks Out Against RASE

Tocsin Magazine sat down with Activist and Educator Howard Eagle and Minister Clifford Florence to discuss former Mayor Bill Johnson, the measure of success, and RASE.

According to, RASE (Racial and Structural Equity) is charged with examing current local laws, and developing new, local policies and legislation that seek to dismantle systemic and institutional inequities across Monroe County. The 21-member commission is led by former Mayor Bill Johnson. The commission is supported by Mayor Lovely Warren and County Executive Adam Bello.

In June of 2020, the announcement of RASE garnered discussions around race and how members of the community would play a vital role in assisting with tackling racial issues in Monroe County. Unfortunately, the selection process was limited to thirteen community members and seven to eight government officials.

Since that time, rumors have circulated that the activist is upset because he was not selected to join the RASE commission. However, Eagle denied those claims. He states,"...based on charges of racism by Black and Asian Legislators, against the County Administration and County Legislators who had approved the so-called "rase" plan, as well as decades of empty promises, and millions upon millions of dollars being literally squandered, and possibly pocketed (at the expense of those who --- historically and contemporarily --- have been, and are continuing to suffer the most), and who are most directly and most devastatingly impacted by the Tripartite Beast And Illness of Individual, Institutional, and Structural Racism ( ).

Eagle goes on to say, "We even wrote to the so-called rase "commissioners," in attempts to get them to take a look at the fundamentally-flawed-ineptness, and likely, destined-to-fail process that they are involved with. Here's what we tried to warn them about: What we have found in the past (repeatedly), is that individuals, such as many, if not most of you, who lack broad and/or deep knowledge concerning the Beast And Illness, are frequently used (in rubber-stamp-fashion) in processes, such as the one you're participating in now --- while orchestrators laugh all the way to the bank and back. Meanwhile, nothing significant, concrete, measurable, nor permanent --- changes, and round and round we go --- one failed initiative after another --- again, literally, for decades and millions of dollars later, with the following, ultimate result:

According to Johnson, a report regarding RASE will be released this month.

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