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How to prepare for the new decade 2020

If you lived past 10 years old, you are use to the new decade coming. A decade is a period of 10 years. I was never the one that did New Year's resolutions either. I wanted the new year/new decade to be one of a positive outlook. This preparation is mental, require physical effort as well, with financial goals in mind.

It's only the beginning of the December of 2019, however, I am preparing before the actual new decade arrives. For mental preparation expect change. Change is something that will always happen. Becoming open to new experiences and unconventional things is more mental preparation. I imagined by the year 2020, we would be looking more futuristic, flying cars like the Jetsons, however they are advancements in technology. For personal life, step out of the normal comfort zone you created and do something new, different that what you normally do.

As I talk about moving forward, you can take a moment and reflect on the past. What have you learn from your past? Take out a piece of paper and a pen and write down your accomplishments and life lessons. This way is looking how far you came and the achievements you accumulated along the way. On the other side of the piece of paper you can write down your goals (including financial) and plan to achieve those goals.

I am a person who never stops learning. I always want to be open and teachable. With the new decade coming, allow yourself to be

open to learn and grow.

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