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How to Balance Chakras

A few weeks ago, I noticed pain in my throat and around my solar plexus -- this pain didn't feel physical, but was a spiritual sort of pain because of my job search and journalism pitches and the painful rejections.

In the midst of writing this post however, those two areas are doing a whole lot better than before.

While chakras are traditionally part of Buddhism and Hinduism, anyone can benefit from learning on how to take care of personal chakra imbalances.

1. Wear clothing and jewelry that have the same color as the imbalanced chakras

This was the first method I tried. While it doesn't give many options for wardrobe, it's a good start for anyone who is on the road to chakra recovery. The chakras altogether span the colors of the rainbow -- for example, the root chakra is red and the heart chakra is green. Wearing these colors can brighten your day and can make you look approachable.

2. Look to YouTube for chakra balancing ASMR videos

These videos can be focused on one specific chakra problem area or even all seven for good measure. It's a good thing to have in the background or while meditating. Personally, these videos did help staunch the psychic wounds, but while going outside, it's not a convenient option to lug around a computer.

3. Buy chakra-focused stone jewelry

This option was the best one for me. Getting a turquoise necklace that was wrapped in gold wiring helped my throat chakra tremendously. It took more than a day, but the benefits already began in less than 24 hours.

Look up stones that benefit the chakras that need healing -- the options are aplenty and they don't have to be expensive.

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