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How Much Will Life Change After COVID-19?

Many of us are waiting for the day we are no longer living under the stay-at-home order and can freely do whatever we want. We want everything to go back to normal.

But can it really go back to normal?

This pandemic has changed the norm for many people. There are the obvious changes, such as wearing masks when going out or getting your temperature checked before heading into work. Even after pandemic is over, I can't imagine the spontaneous abandonment of those measures.

We were already moving away from using cash and moving towards entirely plastic or phone payments. Considering the passing of cash through who knows how many hands before it finally makes it way to the cash register. Post-COVID could mean the end of cash use.

Communal pens. Personally, I usually don't carry my own pen cause it usually gets stolen. But, it might not be that way anymore. We might have to start carrying around our own pens. Granted, this also means a perfect excuse as to why Kyle from Chem can't borrow your pen.

I was reading an article about this one: no more self-service gas pumps. I hate this. Out of all the possible changes to life after COVID, this is one of my least favorite. Sure, the idea of a full-service gas station is nifty, but I like filling up my own tank. I don't have to talk to anyone and I can fill up my bad boy.

There are tons of ways that life can completely change for everyone once this pandemic is over. We'll like some over others, and some will piss us off.

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