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How Can You Abandon Your Child?

So I went to the store today to pick up some things and a woman walked in with a beautiful, chunky little boy. He was 10 months old and she was his grandmother. We started talking since the line was so long and she ended up telling me that the cutie pie’s mother abandoned him and she’s been taking care of him for the past 2 months. It’s her son’s baby and the mother is a drug addict. She also enlightened me that she was pregnant again. How are you able to walk away from your child AND end up carrying another? She’s probably going to do the same thing, so what’s the point?

It hurts me to hear that kids are not loved by their mothers, whom 9 times out of 10 went through hell just to get them here. Labor and delivery is not easy and some women have died from complications. It’s a lot of stress on our bodies. Yes, we were built to give birth, but that doesn’t mean things can’t happen. There are so many women who can’t have children or struggle to have kids for medical reasons and you have women like this, who are easily impregnated and walk away like it’s some type of animal.

Children are precious humans who did not ask to be here. They are blessings, regardless of how they turn out. That little baby is definitely blessed to have a grandmother like her and hopefully it doesn’t bother him too much that his mother is MIA. He was such a sweetie with such an infectious little smile and I hope to seem them again soon. ❤

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