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Highly Suspect Rocks-Out with their New Singles

Grammy-award winning Rock band, Highly Suspect, are back at it. I just can't get over how much I dig their new songs. But when I think about it, I don't believe I ever stopped enjoying their music. "16" and "Upperdrugs," only maintains my love for this band.

I was introduced to Highly Suspect by a friend of mine. We do a podcast together called Fatty/Slim Podcast. He's a musician, and has now added a handful of Highly Suspect songs to his setlist.

The band hit it big with "Lydia," which is what won their Grammy. Although, my favorites are "Little One," "My Name is Human," and "Mister Asylum." That is, until these two came out.

"16" and "Upperdrugs" are from their upcoming third album, MCID. What MCID stands for, I have no clue. I just heard "16" on the radio yesterday, and had to tell that friend about it. Then he told me about "Upperdrugs."


"16" gives a euphoric feeling that I seldom experience with songs anymore. But when I do, I have to play them over and over again.

Though it kinda departs from their usual Acid Rock sound of guitar licks and crazy drums. Which is right up the alley for someone, according to NY Times, started off playing covers of Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, and Pink Floyd. "16" trades the guitar for a more electronic sound, sampling an operatic choir. But what the music lacks, the lyrics and melody make up for. There's a lot of love in those vocals. Even if you don't listen to what he's actually saying, you can still feel it. But once you do pay attention to the lyrics, you get where he's coming from.

"It took me sixteen years to find ya/ One second to love ya........Oh God, where did I go wrong?"

He must be talking about a long lost love. But he's not only singing about an ex-girlfriend. I believe there was also a child he didn't know he had.


If you're a fan of their jam band style, though, don't fret. "Upperdrugs," is probably more towards your liking. They definitely keep their guitars in this one; especially in the outro. "Upperdrugs" holds on to that style they're known for - the music, the lyrics, and the melodies. Another great thing Highly Suspect employs is the back-up vocals and harmonies. They supplement the leads by an answer-and-call.

"I wanna sleep forever" singer, Johnny Stevens, wails.
In which, the backup vocals answer with, "but I keep waking up."

Then it gets even crazier when it breaks down into the bridge. It starts to sound more like a conversation he's having in his head.

"Never coming down," hollers Stevens.
Then you hear off in the distance, "Never!"

It's one thing to write a song about chemical dependency. It's another when you can actually show it. The bridge shows a great example of how those chemicals can affect you. They always say in film and literature to show, not tell. But when you do that in music, that's just another level.

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