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Have you heard of the Paw Paw?

The Paw Paw Tree is pretty cool! It does not grow very tall (30 foot would be considered fairly large for this tree)

The Pawpaw are native to North America, and are actually growing wild in 26 of the states, mostly to the East of Mississippi.

It's best known in the South for the fruits that it produce. The fruit can weigh 5 to 16 ounces, making it the largest tree fruit in North America.

The fruits are Yellowish-green to brown, and somewhat mango shaped.

These flowers are also on the pawpaw and they repel mosquitos and bugs, isn't that amazing? Plus they are simply beautiful!

There are many other benefits as well! Ancient farmers are known to have used pawpaw as a natural pesticide.

The pawpaw fruit is said to relieve toothaches and several other ailments. Consuming pawpaw may help prevent the development of cataracts.

Papaya, also sometimes called pawpaw is rich in fiber and vitamins such as A, C and E. Shampoo containing pawpaw extract is effective in treating head lice.


Polynesians and Europeans have different cancer rates thanks to the pawpaw and it's amazing powers.

it also lowers blood sugar.

And there was also this...

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