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Got Nursing Friends? This One's For You!

They're on the front lines of this battle; they're risking a lot, and are willingly taking on their often thankless jobs with compassion, poise, and readiness. Where would we be in this COVID-19 pandemic without our nurses? Up a creek without a paddle, as the saying goes.

Like many of us, I have friends who are in the medical field and I can't help but be concerned for them. I can't imagine how intense each day must be as they try to save lives while also protecting their own. What exactly are they doing to protect themselves as they work in the chaos of COVID-19?

After some research, I learned, to my intense relief, that medical facilities are obligated by law to put certain protective measures in place for their nurses and doctors specifically regarding COVID-19. If you, too, have nursing friends and would like to find out more, check out

What these precautions can't protect them from, though, is how they are treated by others, be it colleagues or patients. Everyone is frustrated right now; everyone is scared. Nurses say that policies are constantly changing, supplies are low (this includes items from masks to Tylenol), and the need for medical care is calling for some nurses to work double shifts. Please, be kind to your nurses. They are under an incredible amount of stress, and are doing the best with what they've got.

What's the biggest message nurses have for us? STAY HOME! Comply with the prevention guidelines we've all been given. And consider donating any surplus items you have.

For a very real, compelling, and raw perspective from a brave Michigan ER nurse, go to It is very much worth a read and a watch.

Send some love to your friends in the medical field. Let them know that you see them, and that you love and appreciate them.

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