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Giants and Their Big Feet

I'm sure that everyone has heard a tale or two about these enormous human-like beings stomping around on earth. However, did you ever think they were true? Multiple stories in culture and religion say they once walked the same earth we roam on today. Archeologists all over the world have found remains of giants pertaining to be almost 27 feet tall! Many skeletons have been found in America, Syria, India, China, and many other places laying in their odd positions when they died.

In the Holy Bible, they are referred to as Nephilim and were children of women in the days of Noah and fall angels. In Greek mythology, the term they used was Gigantes for children of Gaia which in some sources say she was impregnated by the god Ouranos. Though, their forms consisted of serpents for legs instead of the typical calves and feet we have. There is some speculation, that the civilization of Thrace was home to descendants of these barbaric beings. In Nordic mythology, Giants are/were considered an anti-gods race and are the founders of the nordic family tree. The nordic gods we know, like Odin and Thor, relate to these beings through family lines either directly or indirectly according to some.

The term Giant refers to a legendary superhuman being of great stature and strength; therefore, anyone over 6 and a half feet in this day and age is technically considered a "giant". In some tales, they are dimwitted; in others, they are shown as fearful. Alas, some perceive these beings as intelligent and friendly unlike the world stereotypes them to be. Some giants supposedly helped construct large buildings in some corners of the world. (I know a few places that make me question this as well.)

There are many different references and sources to find on the topic of giants as they are quite the unique storybook characters and antagonists of any genre they feature in. I for one, believe there was a time when all fantastical creatures could have possibly existed and wouldn't be surprised if the skeletons told us more of their stories. I hope to one day gain knowledge of this ancient being and all their secrets, for now, let us just dream. Anywho, I hope you all enjoyed! See you next week!

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