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Ghosts of A Slave Trader

By: Howard Eagle

Only in modern-day slave-town U.S.A. can so-called "representatives" spend unknown amounts of taxpayer's dollars without any deliberation at all, and not even report out relative to the specific amount, and/or outcome of the spending.

Over the past two years, this has occurred at least twice in the city named after slave-holder Nathaniel Rochester. It happened in the case of the so-called Commission on Racial And Structural Equity (RASE), in which it was reported that the City of Rochester and County of Monroe had ponied up $200,000 dollars ($100,000 each) and that those dollars would be used to "leverage additional funding." Yet, until this very day, there has not been a full public accounting of the $200,000 dollars, nor has it been reported publicly how much additional funding was raised via "leveraging, and/or what happened to it. Though, I'm sure we can guess (based of course on long-standing past practices).

More recently, the same thing happened over two months ago, relative to the Rochester City School District (RCSD) hiring one of modern-day slave town's most expensive law firms (Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP). The law firm was reportedly hired in September 2021 to investigate charges of sexual harassment and retaliation on the part of RCSD Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small, against another RCSD employee. Again, as of the time of this writing, not one single word has been uttered publicly about the amount that we paid the expensive law firm to investigate charges against the Superintendent. Nor (more than two months later) have we heard a single word regarding the outcome of the expensive investigation that we paid for.

Deafening silence on the part of the Rochester Board of Education, State Monitor, and mass media has led many to speculate that there is a gentleman's/womanly agreement, if not a conspiracy --- not to speak publicly about the latter situation (in hopes that, as is often the case), the residents of slave-town will completely forget about the expensive investigation, and NOT demand accountability.

Word is that the RCSD Board of Education Commissioners are doing all within their power relative to damage control, in order to avoid the possibility of ending up with more political egg on their dysfunctional faces (as a result of possibly having to negotiate another early Superintendent contractual buy-out), especially since they had hand-picked Myers-Small up on the rebound, after being dumped in less than one year by con-man Terry Dade.

In any case, we (the tax-paying citizens of modern-day slave-town) deserve answers. We deserve to know:

1) How much did the expensive investigation cost us?

2) What was the outcome (specific, detailed findings), e.g. is the RCSD Superintendent guilty of sexual

harassment and/or retaliation?

3) Is there a gentleman's/womanly agreement, if not a conspiracy --- not to speak publicly about this


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