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Fork Yeah! The Good Place is on Netflix

If you have not given The Good Place a watch, oh my goodness start now!

It's got the adult humor we have all been thinking of.

Kristin Bell in her role as Eleanor has become a new favorite of mine.

Ted Danson as Michael, you could not have cast a better person for this role!

Together they are the witty humor we have been begging for.

Now I am huge about spoilers, as in I refuse to be that person, however, I want to include that this is not as all a religious sitcom and i want to make that clear so that no one is upset or offended.

YES the "Good place" and "bad place" are mentioned.

NO they are not in any way or form similar to the bible and should not be thought as such.

this is AS FICTITIOUS as Harry Potter.

yes are there cars in London in harry potter that are real, no the unicorns were lies, I am sorry.

That aside, on the next what do I Watch?

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