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Finally Friday 🥳

Good, FRIDAY, Morning!

Boy, is there a lot to write about this morning! So Monday I was on a rant! Tuesday...I couldn’t figure out why time seems to so fast, there never EVER seems to be enough hours in the day. When did we become so rushed? Another thing I wondered....was...when did I become so damn forgetful? It always seems to be the little crap too...I guess thats least it’s nothing major, right! 😂🤣

Wednesday was an amazing day! I worked a short day, a picnic dinner and the kiddos and I headed off to the Grand Slam Parade! We live in the town where the Little League World Serious was born!!! So this Parade is a HUGE deal & soo awesome! The kids were absolutely awesome 😂🤣😂 which is rare when I take them in public!

Thursday was ok for the most part...the children’s behavior carried over(ummm...who replaced them!) work day went well...until....I got a call/VM from the Power Company...”there’s been a power outage detecTed in your area, crews are working to restore power” YaY....freakin fantastic....then there were severe weather alerts blowing up my phone...😖 I’m thinking, you’ve got to be kidding me...well...when it rains it pours. And it was literally downnn pouring 🌧 here comes the rant....our roof has a small, but,big enough leak to be a pain in the damn ass. My 3yro goes up to go potty and yells down Mommmmmyyy my sock is wet...great kid! How’d ya do that...I run up and the leak is in the had rained so hard or so much, not sure at this point...but water was puddled around the toilet 😡 Dear boyfriend is out of town and he’s freakin lucky...I told him to take care of this a lonnnngggg time what I’m thinking as I’m cleaning up the water!

And Is Friday 🥳❤️ its Going to be a bitter sweet night! Our 5 yro is graduating Pre-School, we have that to attend & I plan on relaxing the rest of the evening!

ill let you know how THAT goes in the morning!!! 😂

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful day 😘

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