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Female World Leaders are Voices of Reason

Several female world leaders have gained world recognition as voices of reason in the COVID-19 pandemic. They are approaching the pandemic in effective and decisive means that are unmatched by Trump.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern responded quickly by shutting down the country's borders and preparing citizens for the pandemic. She shut down nonessential businesses and asked all New Zealanders to stay at home and stop interaction with others outside the home.

There have been fewer than 1,500 confirmed cases and only 12 confirmed deaths in the country. Ardern also holds regular news briefings with top health officials while also streaming live from her own home on social media.

Photo Credit: CNN

Over in Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen and her vice president, Chen Chien-Jen took action early to limit the spread. There are about 23 million people on the island, with less than 500 cases and six deaths.

They're not the only ones, female leaders in Germany, Iceland, Norway and more are proving to be handling the coronavirus far better than male leaders, and the citizens are reaping the benefits.

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