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Fair Pay for Home Care Act Stalled in State Legislature

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December 1, 2021, Email:


Fair Pay for Home Care Act Stalled in State Legislature

“I was born with cerebral palsy and because of that, I use my wheelchair every day. I need physical assistance to do certain things in my life such as getting dressed, going to the bathroom, things like that, very important things…. just getting in and out of bed every morning, I need support with that,” said Renee Christian, Journey Guide Life Coach, LLC.

Western New Yorkers like Renee have been struggling to find adequate and consistent Home Health Care since the pandemic created worker shortages. The average pay rate of Home Health Care Aides, approximately $12.50-$15.00, has barely changed since 2009.

The Fair Pay for Home Care Act is a proposed bill to increase the wages of Home Health Care workers to a living wage. Currently, there are concerns that if the bill is passed any increase would go to insurance companies and not directly to Home Health Care Aides. In the meantime, the gap between necessary Home Health Care and disabled citizens is widening.

“I know one person who was stuck in his chair for two years every night because he had no one to put him in bed,” Renee explained.

After living in nursing home facilities as a child, Ms. Christian has been living on her own and working since 2009. She has been living on her own for 15 years and has raised her 9-year-old daughter during this time. Renee could lose physical custody of her daughter if she is forced to go into a long-term care facility due to a severe reduction in the availability of Home Health Aides. Renee knows the best place for Renee is at home, living within her community.

When thinking about her daughter, Renee expressed, “she is one of my biggest blessings and one of my biggest miracles that I have been given in this life. She teaches me so much every day and it is just a joy to be her mother.”


For more information on the Fair Pay for Home Care Act, visit

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