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Republican Nick Langworthy "Diehard" Trump Supporter Targets Governor Andrew Cuomo?!

GOP Chair Nick Langworthy has made it his mission to create a smear campaign against Governor Andrew Cuomo. Langworthy, a "DIEHARD" Trump supporter, held a news conference in Rochester in an attempt to gain more support to impeach Governor Cuomo.

A published report by states, "The Erie County Republican Party Chairman, has deposed the New York State Party Chairman, Ed Cox, after the GOP saw a decline in power that resulted in loss of the majority in the State Senate last fall. In his campaign to win over party leaders across New York, Langworthy reportedly promised to bring in a new generation of county leaders as well as recruit more female and younger candidates." Langworthy's efforts to recruit county executives may be his reason for conducting a news conference in Rochester, NY.

At the new conference, Langworthy stated, "Andrew Cuomo has reached a new and despicable low." The GOP Chairman used published reports in the New York Times and The Washington Post to accused Cuomo of orchestrating unethical phone calls to NYS county executives. The chairman stated Cuomo's longtime adviser made calls to county executives around New York State to determine if they remained loyal to Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo gained national notoriety due to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his criticism of Donald Trump. The outspoken politician was one of a few political leaders to go head to head with 45 during the pandemic. Langworthy appeared to be outraged by Cuomo's critique of Donald Trump. In August of 2020, Nick Langworthy spoke with Bill Buchner of WSHU. Langworthy stated, "The President gave the people who stayed in New York, as I cited in my speech, the sight of the USS comfort, you know, sailing into our harbor and gave hope in a bright beacon of light to New Yorkers in one of our darkest hours. Even Governor Cuomo, you could go back and watch the video, thanking President Trump for his COVID response and what the federal government did for New York during that time, whether it was increased testing capacity, in terms of PPE brought to our state ventilators. And of course, hospital beds in the Army Corps of Engineers building hospitals, to the tune of millions and millions of dollars in man hours spent in our state to try to help the people of the state of New York in our crisis. Then the governor had the audacity to go to his party's convention to criticize the government, the President's leadership. I thought that was despicable and I took my two minutes at the microphone to call that out."

In September 2020, Langworthy stated “Andrew Cuomo is a dishonest, incompetent governor, who, as the leader of this state, is the one responsible for New York’s economic and public safety crisis. New York has not been competitive in a single day of a single year of his decade-long tenure. Every other state in the nation was doing better than New York pre-pandemic, and instead of using the virus as a wake up call to reform New York’s worst-in-the-nation tax and regulatory climate, he holds dishonest, delusional rants against the President who went above and beyond to give New York everything he asked for." He goes on to say, “Here are the indisputable facts about New York pre-covid: we had a $7 billion dollar deficit, the highest taxes, worst economic outlook, most onerous regulations, least-business friendly climate, and the most outmigration of any state in the nation."

On March 12, published the following statement," For months, Republicans’ calls for a subpoena-driven investigation into Cuomo’s deadly nursing home coverup have been resisted by the Democrat-controlled legislature, who instead voted last week to extend the Governor’s emergency powers. This reeks of a political maneuver designed by Speaker Heastie to buy time and exploit the Governor’s weakness during the heat of budget negotiations." Followed by, “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: we already have ample evidence that proves Andrew Cuomo is unfit to serve and anything short of a full impeachment is a complicit move to keep him as Governor.

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