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Fair or Foul? White Girl Attacks Muslim Girl, Black Girl Steps in...**Video**

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Laughs turned into cries to stop after a Black girl came to the defense of a girl being assaulted by a White girl. According to the IG post, the girl in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack is Muslim.

amaralanegraaln posted, "❗️PLEASE SPREAD AWARENESS ❗️

So in this video it clearly shows a WHITE girl beating up a MUSLIM Girl and you can see people in that room laughing their heads off and obviously enjoying the “entertaining “ but when a BLACK girls steps in to teach her a lesson which she should. Everyone stops laughing and yells her to stop and then the what appears to be teachers step in. Which show the racism rate in this school. Please repost on story to spread awareness about this situation cause it honestly makes me sick to my stomach and i feel disgusted this still happens in the world and especially cause it’s 2021 and we should really be better to other people to different Race, Religion or Condition and Disability - Thank You❤️"

The chaos went down in a school cafeteria somewhere in the world and posted on IG. Unfortunately, the tone of the room changed when the White bully got tossed around like a ragged doll and slammed to the floor by a Black girl. Now, viewers are screaming racism and asking why no one stepped in to help before the bully got manhandled?

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