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Fair or Foul: Is Alysia Algere a victim or perpetrator?

Alysia Algere is currently serving a 15-year sentence in federal prison. Algere was convicted of sex trafficking minors in the Florida area.

According to Tampa Bay Times, Alysia recruited a girl and boy, both 16, and a second 14-year-old boy, to post online advertisements offering sex for money. Alysia used the name “Coco," while posting sexually explicit pictures on a classified advertising website, according to the plea agreement.

Tampa Bay Times also reported Algere rented hotel rooms, where people responding to ads could meet the teens.

Now, Alysia wants us to hear her side of the story. Alysia wrote our publication in hopes of revealing how she became involved in such a heinous act.

In Alysia’s letter she wrote, “ You know what is so bad about being incarcerated and labeled as a pedophile, we have to get out and register as a sex offender and take sex classes with real pedophiles that help destroy us mentally and emotionally.”

Alysia continues, “Here is my story. A prime case of poor judgment of a woman with 2 kids of her own. I was arrested, booked, and indicted on the charge of sex trafficking of a minor.”

“In reality, I was also a victim. I started prostituting at the age of 14. I been raped and brought in prostituting myself. I got addicted to making money and living the fast life.”

Alysia goes on to write, “when you get a charge such as this one and you are not involved with any physical sex and have lack of knowledge when another person such as a minor is out prostituting herself and using false identification. How could you acknowledge that she is a minor.”

USA Today published an article reporting a study from the United Nations’ International Labour Organization estimated 3.8 million adults and 1 million children were victims of forced sexual exploitation in 2016 around the world.

Do you think Alysia got what she deserved or did she get railroaded?

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