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Fair or Foul: Gene Downing Sentenced to 80 Years

My name is Gene Downing. I`m from Wash. D.C, and when I was 19 yrs. old I was charged, tried, and convicted of murder, arm robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, and a few gun charges. Though I didn`t kill anyone and was just "there" I was sentenced to 80 yrs. to Life.

All other co-defendants copped out, so you see why they gave me so much time. You can always look my case up, It`s public info.

Since my incarceration, I`ve changed my life, in large part due to growth. I`m not the kid that made the stupid mistake of getting involved in a murder/ robbery, but a positive man that mentored many of my peers. I`ve done countless programs, Gotten my G.E.D, and went on to teach G.E.D classes for 8 yrs.

I have a very supportive family, daughter, and wife who wants, and needs me home. I know that the wrong I've done can`t be changed, but I want to help those youth today so that they don`t have to worry about, trying to undo something bad they`ve done. I`m not saying that I had nothing to do with why I"m in prison, And I do accept my role... But I`m no killer.. I`ve been living with this for 20 yrs. now. Yes, I`ve been in prison for 20 yrs. If you read any of the poems or articles I sent you, you can see that I am a man of change and positivity... I`ve done so much here, but fear that I will never get a chance to do it there, in the world where I much more needed. I hope that what I provided for you is enough for your support.

I promise you that I am not a rapist, rat, or child molester... As I say, you can look my case up... I`m a stand-up dude who`s seeking a chance at redemption. If you support me, you will be supporting a good man. I promise you that!

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