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Ever Heard of the Electoral Mandate?

By definition, Congress impedes our electoral mandate at every turn. Donald Trump was elected president, pure and simple. Rather than let him lead, win respect for another election or fail by his own policies, Congress has elected to wrench the voting mandate out of our hands and into their own. They cite his many flaws, and it's a lot like the pot calling the kettle black.

Rather than raucous fighting, backbiting and interminable inquiries, just let the man do his job. Next year we head back to the polls and we will offer another mandate, expecting Congress to respect our decision. I get it, I really do. I wouldn't choose Donald Trump as one of my closest friends. I am not impressed by his rhetoric. I find his style abrasive. The man has no filter. But here's the deal: I didn't elect him for any of those qualities. Knowing all that, I elected him to jump start our economy, to put American interests front and center...and he's done just that.

The unemployment rate has hit new lows. The GDP is up. He is negotiating fair trade agreements. He believes in the #1 job of government: protecting our people (borders). I have to admire a man who can accomplish so much while being hated by so many (Congressmen.) He is a populist and speaks to packed rallies. By becoming elitists, Congressional representatives have excluded themselves from the very population embracing Donald Trump. And they just can't stand it.

Either we are a republic electing our leaders, or we are a dictatorship run by Congress (Nancy Pelosi.) The people spoke and the all-wise Nancy thinks she knows better. Lady, butt out! Let the man do his job! Let the people's choice make or break his own legacy. If the hands of Congress were clean, aka uncorrupted, I might have more sympathy for their hatred of Donald Trump, but I find courruption wherever I look, and from my vantage point, it's the pot calling the kettle black. I say: Let the voice of the people rule. Respect the electoral mandate.

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