Europe Loosening the Reins on COVID-19 Restrictions

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Europe is considering on easing some of the restrictions put in place due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As with every country, easing out of lockdown is going to be tumultuous and difficult--COVID-19 is unpredictable which is why world leaders are doing their best to slowly and efficiently come out of lockdown, rather than opening everything all at once.

Furthermore, WHO stated there are key aspects that are being considered as Europe comes out of lockdown:

"-public health and epidemiological measures;

-capacity for dual-track health system management;

-population and behavioural insights; and

-social and economic implications."

WHO is also ensuring that the countries of Europe meet these 6 criteria before they are able to lift the lockdown:

1) Evidence that the transmission of the Coronavirus is being controlled.

2) There are health measures in place to identify individuals with COVID-19, isolate those individuals, and control the spread if need be.

3) The risk of another big outbreak is minimal (especially homes for the elderly, mental health organizations, and living spaces that are crowded).

4) There are measures put in for workplaces that include social distancing and institution of good hygiene.

5) "Importation risks can be managed."

6) All communities have a voice of say, as well as are kept aware of all COVID-19 situations.

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